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About Us

A Culture of Excellence

Over the last four decades, Paragon Sports Constructors has established itself as the leader in sports construction in Texas. We were founded as a family-owned company, and that sense of ownership and dedication to customer service has never left us. We believe we are the only sports construction firm in our market who successfully combines deep personnel experience, innovative technology, and old fashioned customer service to produce a superior customer experience and completed project.

Our Core Principles


To Do Right By The Customer


To Handle Any Job Of Any Size


To Quality, Sustainability, & Bettering Our Industry


On Building The Finest Sports Facilities In Our Market

Our Leadership

One of our greatest strengths is our people. Paragon attracts & employs some of the most talented individuals in our industry. We bring broad backgrounds as coaches, entrepreneurs, and construction professionals together for a solid foundation of knowledge that we put to work for you.

No matter which member of the PSC team you meet, you’ll be greeted with the level of respect and expertise necessary to start a successful project on the right foot.