Turf Maintenance Services

Reduced maintenance is a key benefit of synthetic turf athletic fields, but that doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free. Our ongoing maintenance services are designed to help you maximize the life of your turf field, from overall appearance to athlete safety & performance.

Every turf ages differently and that aging is the result of numerous factors. Our turf maintenance can compliment your ongoing routine for added peace of mind and through inspection, grooming, repairs, and testing, we can help monitor the overall long-term health, safety, and performance of your investment.

Ongoing Maintenance Services

Impact & Performance Testing
Tine Raking & Decompaction
Seam & Inlay Repairs
Infill Top-Dressing
Grooming & Sweeping
Antimicrobial Treatment

Performance Metrics

Athletes interact with the surface in three primary ways: they run, they pivot, and they fall. Our safety and performance tests give you a comprehensive view of how athletes interact with your surface.  These metrics not only monitor the safety of your field but also help inform maintenance routines and guide decision makers on when it may be time to replace the playing surface.