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Shaw Sports Turf

Our Synthetic Turf Partner

Paragon Sports Constructors is proud to be the exclusive distributor and installer of Shaw Sports Turf products in our market. A Berkshire Hathaway company, Shaw is committed to our industry for the long haul, creating a 75,000sf research and development space dedicated to developing next-generation playing surfaces. See how they are creating the future of synthetic turf.

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The Science Behind the Surfaces

At Shaw Sports Turf, innovation in business means changing in order to bring new value to customers. Shaw believes change and innovation are always necessary to create products that mimic natural grass and provide the best performance characteristics.

Shaw Sports Turf is leading by example, pioneering advances that are making synthetic turf fields feel more life-like while also making them safer for athletes at all levels. That’s precisely why their products are trusted by professional organizations across the NFL and MLB.

Putting Innovation to the Test

  • GMax
  • Vertical Deformation
  • Force Reduction
  • Energy Return
  • Ball Roll
  • Vertical Ball Rebound
  • Coefficient of Restitution
  • Angle of Restitution