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Our success is built on a history of quality and service.

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Sports construction is a large-scale operation consisting of many steps, each critical to a perfect build. From design to installation, we offer a variety of services to assist in any stage of your project.
Project Management

Engaged, proactive, detail oriented and honest are the traits that form the foundation of our project management philosophy; they are ingrained in our project management teams, and our company culture at Paragon Sports Constructors.

When coupled with open and complete communication they lead to well managed, successful projects and a great customer experience. At Paragon Sports Constructors, you get a complete project management team. We provide dedicated and experienced on-site superintendents to manage the day-to-day site activities; a project manager to communicate with the owner and ensure our superintendent has the necessary resources to successfully run the project; a contract administrator to ensure the paperwork flows smoothly; and management oversight to ensure that best practices are followed throughout. We are a professional construction company, you can expect, and we will demand, exceptional work performance from every member of our team throughout every phase of the project. At Paragon Sports Constructors, we understand and value the contributions of all project team members and respect their roles and responsibilities in the construction process. Our goal is to provide the services and work product that contributes to the success of the entire team and provides the customer with the best possible project.


Our team’s knowledge and years of industry experience can help you in the formative stages of your project with our pre-construction services.

We can assist with:

  • Feasibility. We can help with the cost vs. benefit of various design and construction options, alternative schemes, and Value Engineering. We can help you evaluate the life cycle costs of natural grass vs. synthetic turf sports fields or various track surfaces.
  • Design. Our on-staff CADD operator can provide you with preliminary site layouts or track and field designs to assist in planning purposes; aid in presentations and help in the preparation of more accurate budgets.
  • Budgets. With some basic information, our estimating department can prepare preliminary cost estimates to help in the budgeting and planning process.
  • Scheduling. Our Project Managers can assist in the preparation of preliminary project schedules to provide a better understanding of project durations and allow you to plan around construction activities and minimize disruptions to your operations and events.

Design Build

For a complete project designed to a specific budget, Paragon Sports Constructors can offer full Design-Build capabilities.

Our in-house CADD designers and estimators can turn your expectations into a design and budget that can be refined until your project goals are met. As part of the design-build process, Paragon Sports Constructors always hires a Professional Engineer or Registered Landscape Architect to provide third party review and finalize the design. With feedback from our construction team, the project will be economically designed, construction activities can be planned during design and critical items can be addressed before construction starts. The design-build process is advantageous when the project has a very specific budget or requires an accelerated schedule.

Site Construction

The quality of any construction project starts with the foundation; a well designed and constructed base and drainage system will provide a proper foundation for your track and field well beyond the life of the surface.

Paragon Sports Constructors is a construction company with specialized laser guided equipment, experienced personnel and real world knowledge of the strict design tolerances required for sports fields and running tracks. We typically self-perform all aspects of the site construction to control the project schedule as well as the quality of the work. Paragon Sports Constructors employs an ASBA Certified Field Builder and an ASBA Certified Track Builder as well as some of the most experienced superintendents and foremen in the industry. Our field crews are skilled in executing all phases of your project including demolition, excavation, sub-grade stabilization, concrete and drainage to provide a foundation for your project that will stand the test of time.

Synthetic Turf

As a turn-key sports contractor, Paragon Sports Constructors has the equipment and field crews dedicated to installing synthetic turf systems.

We are familiar with most turf systems and have worked with many recognizable brands. Our turf equipment is specifically designed to work on the delicate turf surface without damaging the turf material or base foundation. Whether converting a grass field to synthetic or simply replacing a worn synthetic surface, our specially trained installation teams have the experience to tackle the most detailed field design and demanding installation schedule.

Track Surfacing

The installation of modern polyurethane based track surfaces requires knowledge of the bonding process of materials as well as how that process is affected by temperature and moisture in the air.

Utilizing processes and techniques perfected over many years, our surfacing crews are experienced at installing all types of running track surfaces from base mats to full-pour systems.

Turf Maintenance

Reduced maintenance cost is one of the selling characteristics of synthetic turf however; modern synthetic turf systems are not maintenance-free. Properly maintaining synthetic turf can help owners maximize the lifetime of an installation and will help maximize the use of the field during that lifetime.

Proper field maintenance can ensure safety and a consistent playing surface as well as overall appearance of the field itself. Incorrect or poorly done maintenance can void the manufacturer warranty of a synthetic turf field. Paragon Sports Constructors can assist in the maintenance of your synthetic turf. With years of experience and firsthand knowledge of synthetic turf maintenance practices, our personnel can serve as a point of reference to any owner for questions, demonstrations and training of your maintenance personnel and short-term maintenance contracts on your field. Paragon Sports Constructors can also assist in locating third party engineers to perform shock absorbency (G-Max) testing of your synthetic turf field.