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Bret Allen

Vice President of Sales

About Bret

As Vice President of Sales for Paragon Sports Constructors, Bret Allen brings over 30 years of sports construction and surfacing experience to the business development and estimating functions of PSC.  Bret got his start in the sports construction industry as a track surface installer for his family’s track construction business; he grew the company into a recognizable brand in the industry and broadened its reach by adding field construction to their services in 1999 making him an early leader of synthetic turf field installation in Texas. Bret earned his degree from Pittsburg State University and has been a key player in almost every project bid, contracted, and constructed by Paragon Sports Constructors over the last 13 years. His knowledge of the sports construction and surfacing industries is un-rivaled, and he is a valuable part of the Paragon Sports Constructors team and an asset for any customer.

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WHAT SPORTS WERE YOU INVOLVED WITH GROWING UP? I played tennis, baseball, football, volleyball, and basketball growing up.

FAVORITE SPORTS MEMORY? Two Chiefs games: the Raiders @ Chiefs game in 1977 (John Madden coaching!) and the Patriots @ Chiefs game in 2013.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? All of the people I get to work with, and travelling across the state of Texas!