The Benefits of Design Build for Sports Construction Projects

Fort Worth Country Day Design-Build Project

All sports construction projects have two components: the design of the construction scope, and the build of the planned project. There are various methods to procure your sports construction project but one that has become popular in recent years is the design-build method.  Here we explore why.

Traditional Method

Design-Bid-Build is the traditional procurement method, often called Competitive Sealed Proposal or CSP. In this method, the project is fully designed before a formal bid process is administered.  After the bids are submitted, there is often a review phase when contractor interviews are conducted and ranked, then a contract is awarded.  The selected contractor must ultimately secure permits if required, which can take several weeks or even months, depending on the location of the project, before they begin work on-site. This entire process is lengthy and can be expensive for the owner to administer, with multiple layers of fees and often a disconnect on project costs between the design team and the selected general contractor.   

Design-Build Method

With the design-build procurement method, the owner hires a qualified Design Builder (contractor) who in turn hires the designer/team.  In this way the contractor is responsible for the design and construction of the project to a specific budget and criteria established by the owner. This allows for more collaboration between designer and contractor and increased cost efficiencies while shortening the overall project timeline. Lengthy processes, like securing permits, can take place during the design of the project so that the contractor can hit the ground running once the plans, costs, and permits have been finalized.

This is particularly beneficial for sports construction projects because there are often short windows of time facilities can be available for renovations.  Additionally, many sports field or track projects are similar in scope and do not necessitate an extensive design process and review. The design-build method is beneficial because it can reduce the risk of the project being over-designed, shorten the design, bidding and permitting timeline, and reduce fees normally associated with the traditional method.

Benefits of Design-Build Projects

  • More early collaboration opportunities between client and contractor
  • Project is designed to the specific budget and criteria established by the owner
  • Streamlined communication through project
  • Decrease in overall cost
  • Project timeline efficiency
  • Less chances for budget/cost overruns

Design-Build Projects

Castleberry baseball & softball fields


Aledo High School Baseball & Softball Fields

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