Ann Richards School

Austin ISD


  • Turf: Shaw Sports Turf Powerblade Pro
  • Infill: Sand & Rubber
  • Track: Paragon Track Surfaces PTS 4000 sandwich system

Project Scope

  • Excavate subgrade to new elevations and compact to proper density + moisture
  • Concrete exterior track curb
  • Trench drain, vertical moisture barrier, liner, and drain stone layer
  • Elayer installation
  • Installation of synthetic turf system
  • Installation of PTS 3000 impermeable spray coat track system

01 / 01

  • “Paragon met every obstacle with ease and grace. Their experience was evident at every turn. The Ann Richards project would not be the shining star it is today without this team of experts.”

    Susan Stewart | Project Manager, Rogers-O’Brien Construction