John B. Connally High School Baseball | PSC

John B. Connally High School Baseball

Pflugerville ISD


  • Laser graded the infield skinned area
  • Touched up bullpens
  • Added infield clay and conditioner
  • Added clay to home plate and mound

“Huge thank you to John Gill and his crew! They did and always do a phenomenal job on our field renovation! From mound work, home plate work, bullpen, and infield work, they are easily one of the best in the industry. On top of that their workers were super respectful to me and my players and once the job was done they made sure everything was clean. Thank you again from a John B. Connally High School! Our players have pride in their field and you guys have played a big part of that!”

David Williams Jr.

Head Baseball Coach, Connally High School