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Routine Maintenance Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Fields

Successful synthetic turf maintenance is a team effort that consists of two components: routine maintenance, often performed by the owner, and periodic maintenance, often performed by an experienced professional. 

Routine maintenance activities can be handled with standard turf maintenance equipment such as a LitterKat, GreensGroomer, SMG sweeper or other tow-behind equipment and typically follow manufacturer guidelines for warranty.  Routine maintenance activities commonly performed by an owner are:

Regularly sweeping your field with a tow-behind groomer will help remove fiber and organic debris from the synthetic turf surface.
  • Grooming the field with a suitable brush to keep the infill layer uniform and remove fiber debris from the field.
  • Sweeping the field to remove organic and foreign debris from settling into the infill layer.
  • Monitoring infill levels.
  • Spot dressing the high-wear areas on baseball and softball fields.
  • Using protective mats at batters’ boxes and pitcher’s mound to protect the surface and reduce infill migration during practice.   

Periodic maintenance activities may require additional specialized maintenance or testing equipment and are commonly performed by experienced professionals.  These activities may include:

  • Decompaction of the infill via tine rake and mechanical brushing
  • Removal of buried debris with magnet attachment or other equipment.
  • Antimicrobial treatment for surface bacteria.
  • Repairs to seams, inlays, and logos.
  • Replacement of high-wear areas on baseball and softball fields.
  • Safety and performance testing.

At Paragon Sports Constructors our general philosophy is that fields should receive more consistent maintenance as they age to monitor for repairs and provide consistent safety and performance metrics. Consistent maintenance of your field can reduce the number of emergency repairs throughout the year, help determine the need for additional services such as top-dressing or help plan for replacement. 

As a turn-key athletic facility services provider, Paragon Sports Constructors understand the complexities of installing, renovating, and maintaining grass and synthetic sports fields.  Learn more about our turf maintenance services here.  To request a synthetic turf maintenance quote please call 817-916-5000 or email us at