Response to Safety Concerns of Crumb Rubber Infill

Recent concerns have been raised in regards to the health and human safety of crumb rubber infill (CRI) used in synthetic turf fields. Specifically, on October 8, 2014, NBC News aired a segment that discussed a possible link between CRI and cancer in soccer players. As a contractor of natural and synthetic turf sports fields Paragon Sports Constructors understands these concerns and would like to share the Synthetic Turf Council website regarding this very topic to help educate owners and end-users on the available research regarding CRI safety should questions arise.

On the STC site owners and users of synthetic turf fields will find a compilation of independent studies performed by numerous research and independent health organizations regarding the safety of CRI. A summary of the critical research is also available as well as the STC Quality Guidelines for CRI.

Paragon Sports Constructors has always been and remains committed to quality products and workmanship. We strive to provide only the highest quality products and materials in our turf and track systems. Specifically, the crumb rubber infill that Paragon Sports Constructors uses in our turf systems meets or exceeds the STC Quality Guidelines for CRI. We join others in our industry in sharing the available research about CRI and supporting future research of the products and manufacturing processes used for athletic and recreational surfaces.

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