Paragon Sports Construction

Our success is built on a history of quality and service.

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At Paragon Sports Constructors we believe that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the finest construction services and work product available on the market; to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment; and to be a good corporate citizen by giving back to those customers that support us and the communities where we work.

This basic philosophy creates a foundation for success and helps us realign our goal of constructing the finest sports facilities in our business.  To keep our focus on that goal our daily operations are guided by four traits:  Character, Capability, Concentration and Commitment.



Character is often defined as moral and ethical strength, trustworthiness, fairness and respect.  At Paragon Sports Constructors we expect our employees to live through these traits and do the right thing, all of the time, even when it is hard and no one is looking.  That is our character and what you should expect when you work with our company.



Capability is possessing the expertise and resources to accomplish the task on-time and to the highest standards.  Simply put, we invest in people, our greatest asset.  Quality personnel translates to quality work product and our management and field crew are some of the most experienced in the industry, many having at least 20 years of experience in sports field and running track construction.  Coupled with owning our own equipment and employing full-time field crew allows us complete control of any project, no matter the size and scope. 



At Paragon Sports Constructors we are committed to many things but none more so than our customers’ needs.  We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction by providing the finest construction services and work product at a competitive price.  We will not leave the job until our customer is completely satisfied with all aspects of the project.  Our commitment reaches beyond the project in giving back to our customers through exceptional service and long-term partnership.



We are a contractor and we specialize in the turn-key construction of sports fields and running tracks, not the manufacturing of turf or track surfacing products.  We believe that the research and development of your sports surface is best left to the manufacturing experts, however, unlike the manufacturers, we self-perform all aspects of the construction process, including the installation of your sports surface.