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Game On Technology From Shaw Sports Turf

Investing in research, development, and innovation of their products is one of the key factors we look for in our surfacing partners and Shaw Sports Turf has delivered another truly innovative technology with their Game On system. 


Game On proprietary technology offers a new approach to turf manufacturing where logos, lines, and numbers are tufted together into the turf panel. This allows us to make fewer cuts in the field during installation, in turn, creating fewer opportunities for emergency repairs to your field on game day.


individuality built in

Game On takes design capabilities for your field to the next level. Go beyond standard logo placements with your entire field to design.

Logos that run the full field, custom borders, and endzones, unique sideline graphics or your favorite baseball mow pattern. Game On lets you make your entire field one-of-a-kind.


ALedo isd

Aledo ISD chose to show their Texas pride through a Lone Star State shadow logo as backdrop to the Bearcat “A” at mid-field.  Game On technology was also used to deliver unique end-zone lettering and to commemorate their 10x State Championships down the sidelines. See more images of the field here.  

city view isd

City View ISD went big, using Game On to deliver a shadow Mustang across the field, logo end-zones, and their “One Stang One Stable” motto on the sidelines.  See more images here.

Temple isd

Temple ISD utilized Game On technology to honor their legacy uniforms, spelling out “Blue Front White Back” in between the hash-marks the full length of the field.


Richardson ISD turned to Game On technology to give their high school baseball fields one-of-a-kind infield mow patterns.  See more here.


Del Valle ISD took Game On from infield to foul pole with their custom mow pattern. See more here.

Want to make your field one-of-a-kind?  Reach out & let’s design something great together.