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Our Track Manufacturing Partner

From elementary schools to world-class IAAF competition tracks, CONICA’s groundbreaking polyurethane track products get the most out of every athlete. 

Based in Switzerland, CONICA is a world leader in polyurethane manufacturing and track surface production, with a wide range of surfaces designed specifically for different levels of play, climates, and uses.

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It’s a Different Race on a CONICA Track

CONICA’s pioneering track surface research is well known around the world. Using cutting-edge science and body movement research, CONICA is developing the surfaces that equip athletes to redefine what’s possible on a track.

Their research facility is breaking ground on the future of running tracks, focusing on the nuances of how an athlete’s foot meets the track surface and rebounds off of it. From durability to weather resistance and environmental consciousness, CONICA is meticulous in its innovation.

They are trusted to create Olympic-level track surfaces in climates across the world, and Paragon is proud to be a CONICA partner.