Post-Harvey Athletic Facility Assessment and Rebuilding

The damage left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has devastated communities throughout the Texas Gulf Coast with many of our fellow Texans sustaining losses in their personal and professional lives. As the cornerstone of many communities the damage done to school facilities is devastating but also a spot for hope and encouragement in the rebuilding process and we look to our fellow contractors and Texans to work hand-in-hand in this rebuilding process.

Paragon Sports Constructors is offering complimentary outdoor athletic facility assessment to public and private schools, municipalities and those working with them across the Federal disaster area declared in Texas. Our personnel can survey any affected sports field or track facility for damage caused by the storm including:

  • Take infill site samples for contamination testing by a third-party lab
  • Inspect for damage to the field from heavy debris or flood water
  • Assess infill levels due to migration under flood waters
  • Assess removal of mud and other materials that may have deposited on the surface
  • Inspect clay skinned areas of natural grass baseball and softball fields for refurbishment
  • Survey polyurethane track surfaces for repairs or delamination
  • Inspect goal posts to ensure proper level
  • Inspect and account for all appropriate field equipment including jump pit covers, take-off boards, and comm box covers

Upon assessment of facilities we are ready to provide the following services as needed:

  • Deep cleaning, debris removal, and disinfection of synthetic turf athletic fields
  • Add infill to bring levels back to up ideal level for safe play or remove and replace infill if required
  • GMax testing of synthetic turf fields
  • Rebuilding of mounds and clay skinned areas on natural grass baseball and softball fields
  • Cleaning of debris and sediment from track surfaces
  • Patch and repair of track surfaces
  • Removal and replacement of synthetic turf surfacing and polyurethane running track surfacing. This type of material can be used for a lot of different purposes, more than what you actually realize. You may want to have a look at this Polyurethane supplier if you are in the market for this material or if you would just like to learn more about it.

We are here to help and are ready to work with insurance and FEMA recovery processes to get the schools of Texas Gulf Coast back up and running. We hold multiple EDGAR compliant purchasing co-operative contracts and understand the process required for disaster recovery renovations.

Please contact Bret Allen at (817) 692-0481 or to schedule an athletic facility assessment.